Medicine Creek Enterprise Corporation Support Social Justice

The Medicine Creek Enterprise Corporation proudly supports those who are legally protesting and making their voices heard, about racial inequality. The time has come for all people to be treated equally with no pre-conceived notion of wrongdoing simply because of the color of one’s skin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or any other perceived differences. MCEC will continue to stand in solidarity with those bringing their positive message of change and condemn those who use any platform to criticize, harass, bully, or intimidate. The MCEC advocates doing the right thing and is committed to inclusion, stands up for justice, and condemns intolerance. 

MCEC understands the social responsibility a corporation is faced with, to stand up against those who threaten basic Human Rights and support those who protect those rights. The enterprises within the MCEC umbrella employ several hundred individuals who all have their own beliefs, convictions, and moral compass. The MCEC supports the rights of all individuals to express themselves according to their beliefs. We will not however, tolerate any form of violence or discrimination against any individual. Matters of discrimination will be dealt with in alignment with the core values of the Nisqually Indian Tribe and Medicine Creek Enterprise Corporation. 

Lastly, let us be clear, we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.