She Nah Nam Seafood Market officially launches this Friday, December 14th, 2018

Do you cook your own seafood?  Do you like fresh fish caught from local waters?  For generations the Nisqually Tribe has caught fish in the area and is now offering you a means to buy it at great prices.  She Nah Nam Seafood Market officially launches this Friday, December 14th 2018  and you can go get all of the seafood that you desire.  You can get wild chinook salmon, smoked chinook salmon, swordfish, halibut, and tuna.  There are king crab, dungeness crab, shrimp, scallops, native harvested clams and much more.

Why shop from the Nisqually Tribe?  Many grocery stores catch their fish and store it for several weeks before you buy it.  Other places may get their fish from farms which are fed versus natural feeding.  Some of the processors inject coloring to make their fish appear fresh.  Unlike other distributors, She Nah Nam processes their seafood at their own HACCP-certified processing facility.  She Nah Nam Seafood products are sourced from Tribal Communities first. All of their products are caught, made, harvested and processed in a responsible, fair and ethical manner.

“The storefront down there for She Nah Nam Seafood is an extension of the processing and distribution company that we have,” Bob Iyall, CEO of Medicine Creek Enterprise Corporation, the overall business entity for the Nisqually tribe said. “It’s just another way to get the product out there to the public.  In general, the proceeds are to help support the fishers here and to help support the salmon in the Nisqually River,” Iyall continued.  “The manager at the She Nah Nam Seafood store has been a long-time Nisqually Markets employee,” Iyall said. “She took an interest in the seafood and so she made a pretty natural transition from the markets over to the seafood. Her name is Sue Bachmeier.”

 The name, She Nah Nam, means Medicine Creek — a symbol of the Medicine Creek Treaty of 1854 and their mission of sustaining treaty rights and empowering Native producers.

 To order you can visit the market at 12820 Yelm Highway SE Suite D Olympia WA. 98513 or order from their website at .  Washington, Oregon and Idaho residents receive free shipping to their locations via FEDEX overnight delivery once the order has been processed.  

The Nisqually Tribe
Located on the Nisqually River — just 15 miles east of Washington state’s capital, Olympia — the Nisqually Tribe is known as “people of the river, people of the grass.” Living in the watershed for thousands of years, the Nisqually Tribe has a rich salmon-oriented culture.

Salmon is also a mainstay in the Nisqually people’s diet, as well as a treasured resource and source of livelihood. As part of its extensive environmental stewardship programs, the Nisqually Tribe operates fish hatcheries at Clear Creek and Kalama Creek.